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Guide to Caring for Intimate Organs for Boys and Girls

The skin around the baby's sex organs is very soft and sensitive, making it prone to irritation. That is why, cleaning and caring for baby's sex organs should not be careless. The key to caring for an infant's sex organs is to clean it as soon as possible every time he urinates or defecates. The goal is that urine and feces do not irritate the skin and cause diaper rash or infection. In general, cleaning and caring for baby's sex organs can be done in the following ways: Use only water or water and special soaps for babies that contain moisturizers. Make sure the baby soap does not contain fragrance and alcohol. Likewise, if you use a wet tissue. After cleaning it, don't forget to dry the baby's intimate organs with a clean towel or soft cloth. Apply a cream to prevent diaper rash. Occasionally not wearing diapers on a baby for a whole day while at home. However, because the sex organs of the two sexes are not the same, there is a difference between ho
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Achieve a Healthy Body with the Benefits of Hulahoop

Fun and exciting. That's the thing that many people feel when playing hulahoop. But not only that, it turns out there are many health benefits for hulahoop, ranging from shrinking the waist and stomach, to make the heart healthy. Playing hulahoop belongs to the type of mild exercise. Doing this exercise is rated as the same intensity as certain aerobic sports, such as salsa dancing or belly dancing. What are the medical benefits of Hulahoop? Exercising using hulahoop provides amazing health benefits, including: 1. Healthy heart A study involving 120 participants with an age range of 18-45 years showed that exercise with hulahoop can help maintain heart health. In that study, it was seen that people who exercise with hulahoop for 30 minutes routinely experienced an increase in heart rate, smoother blood flow, and feeling fitter. 2. Make the body more flexible Hulahoop is also useful for body flexibility. The movements performed while playing hulahoop give a good impact on

Guide to Choosing Cosmetics that are Safe for Pregnant Women

Almost all women want to look beautiful, including during pregnancy. However, do not carelessly choose cosmetics during pregnancy. It must be ensured that used cosmetics are safe for pregnant women. Cosmetics can help pregnant women to still look beautiful. Especially with the existence of weight gain and hormonal changes, which generally affect the skin condition and appearance. But be aware, cosmetics on the skin can be absorbed by the body and into the bloodstream, so it is feared to enter the placenta and fetus. Carefully Choosing Cosmetics When Pregnant Seeing the risks that may be posed, it is important for pregnant women to ensure there are no harmful ingredients in the cosmetics used. Here are some guidelines for choosing safe cosmetics for pregnant women: Anti-acne products Not infrequently hormonal changes in pregnant women cause facial disorders, one of which is acne. Be aware of cosmetic products for treating acne, for example, products containing tretinoin or i